Is the Truest Thing You’ve Heard All Day?

I get so sick of people telling me that they have a friend of the opposite gender, who they think is attractive, that they have no interest in banging. I don’t care if you don’t have a shot at doing her, but at least admit that you want to (ahem mr. shirts). Also girls are always saying that they’re “friends” have no interest in them. Ok maybe thats true, and maybe Sandusky is innocent. Give me a fucking break.

Dom Mazzetti knows best


Is Martains Vs. Goblins the Creepiest Music Video You’re Ever Seen?

Tyler the Creator is a weird fucking dude. Part of his appeal is that he’s comes off literally insane, eating cockroaches and shit. It seems he’s rubbing off on The Game a little bit. I’m pretty sure Game is rapping in a room with shit on the walls. Actual human shit. Weirdest part of my day so far was this video. Great song, tho Hopsin might be a little mad Game is stealing his contact idea. But is this the most fucked music video you’ve seen? Or is there something out there already I don’t know about. Let me know.

This Girl Wants To Be A Dude So Bad

Give credit where credit is due. I tried so hard to rip this apart and say it ain’t true… but at the end of the day, pretty damn good girl. A solid follow up to Shit Girls Say. I kinda think by the end she enjoyed being a dude. Like the whole ball itch followed with a nice big loogy just looked so natural. No doubt in my mind she wants to be a dude after making this… who wouldn’t? Two things she’s completely fucked up though…

1. If the hat and shirt are supposed to add to the whole dude thing… do something better than blue wind pants please. Thats such a slap in the face its not even funny, clashing so hard with the Pats blue. Is it too much to ask to throw some jeans on like a ‘shit guys say’ guy would.

2. No dude bring a book into the bathroom and reads for two hours. Its called ‘Words With Friends’ or Fruit Ninja or any other game app. Definitely taking off points there. Sorry, gotta pay attention to detail.

PS- so bug-eyed for this turkey sandwich

A Dime And A Dream

It’s about time, I cashed this shit out in February. I’m pretty sure I (along with my cronies) put CentSports out of business single handedly once I took my dime and turned it into $120. Jimmy The Greek Who? I don’t know if i’m gonna even bother cashing this, just frame it and hang it above my bed. Anyways, if you’re into sports betting and don’t have money but want money check out Free Sports Bet.

Never thought this day would come, what a great day it is though!

PS- maybe Randy got let go from another job, because Randy don’t write checks… Straight Cash Homie!

Three Kids Walk Into A Music Room To Film A Ninja Scene…

Asshole of the Day goes to this guy:

Hm… pierced eyebrow, dilated pupils, yellow teeth..this guy just smoked the best weed hes ever had right? Nope, you’re wrong, he wears knock off K swiss tubes, some kind of Fox zip-up hoodie and does shit like this:

Thank god… and Tim Tebow, for allowing this kid to fuck himself exactly that way. I kinda wish he could’ve leaped out like he really meant to, just so that this video would be even more gay. What were they even trying to film here? A trailer to the 3 Ninjas of Suite 45 at Penn State..just after getting Sanduskied? Gotta give some ups to the bro tryin’ to help him out though… couldn’t do anything other than look at him huh… you fuckin idiot, some kinda dumbass, we all know we’d do the same thing. You know, act all worried and shit, try to seem like we know what were talkin’ about when really we can’t help but want to fucking laugh at the guy. Classic.

Add on the eyebrow piercing and this has all the makings of potential Video of the Month, nothing like seeing a good video of some huge pussy getting laid out by a table right?

Metta World Peace With a 5-Star Interview

Video by Melissa Rohlin

I don’t think I can legally say what I would do to hear 5 minutes of Metta World Peace AKA Ron Artest AKA the missing mental patient from LA Hospital’s inner monologue. What in the name of Tebow is going through this man’s head. Asked about his name change, he just starts rambling on about baby teeth. This reporter’s question is not important in the world of Metta World Peace. He just talks about the first thing on his mind. What a thug. Keep doin you Metta, keep doin you.