BREAKING NEWS: Tim Tebow Injured during playoff game.

This is a Something Like Upstate breaking news update. Our Lord and Savior, also known as Tim Tebow, the starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos  had to play through a very serious injury during last weeks playoff loss against the New England Patriots. It is now confirmed that he had to play while being paralyzed from the neck down after a second quarter hit. It is just a miracle that he is walking now let alone playing football, but this certainly explains his poor performance. Doctors are still baffled about Tebow’s quick recovery and toughness, but in my opinion i’m frankly disappointed that he let the injury affect his performance to such an extent. Come on Man!


HBO’s 24/7 is the Best Sports Show on TV

For those of you who don’t have HBO or don’t know what this show is about, HBO basically follows the 2 teams competing in the winter classic around for a few weeks leading up to the game, showing players on and off the ice. This sounds like a decent idea, but HBO makes it outstanding. The amount of shit-talking that goes on in hockey is nuts. I love it. You’ve got the teams yelling at each other from their benches, players cursing each other out on the ice after the whistle, and the coach of the Flyers telling Steve Ott (member of the Dallas Stars) “go fuck yourself”. It doesn’t get much better than this. I thought I was an expert in swearing. I just got taken back to school by these NHL players. They know every insult in the book, and sometimes they just make shit up. Because fuck you their foreign that’s why.

We need to expand this to other sports. I would love to hear all the crazy shit Ray Lewis says to the opposing teams, or hear what Kevin Garnett is saying while his hand is around Bill Walker’s throat. Lets make this happen.

Kanye West Handles Fan Throwing Business Card On Stage Like A Real Professional

Kanye definitely didn’t over react here. I mean if someone throws the business card on stage, the most logical thing to do is to throw a whole section of people out where you think it maybe came from. Can’t take any chances. You got to be careful with throwing business cards. Kanye’s up on stage every night risking his life. Putting his life on the line. A true American hero.

Pick Up Basketball Game Leads To Violent Scissor Attack

“NEW YORK –  A 15-year-old boy was repeatedly stabbed in the head by a seething, scissor-wielding classmate Tuesday over a basketball game at a New York high school, authorities and witnesses said.

The victim, Alfredo Allen — who attends the HS for Service & Learning at the former Erasmus High School site — was in critical condition and undergoing emergency surgery, officials said.

“When he fell, I saw the blood all over the floor. I thought he was dead,” said shaken witness Kimberly Davis, 15.

Allen’s crazed attacker, Chevoy Nelson — a 16-year-old student at The HS for Youth and Community Development, which is also housed on the site — plunged the sharp cutting tool into his skull and neck between four and seven times around 12:30pm as shocked students looked on in horror, school officials and witnesses said.

Allen was rushed to Kings County Hospital while Nelson was arrested, police said. Charges are pending.

A fight had broken out as the two teens were shooting hoops during lunchtime in a gym shared by the separate high schools, students said.

The attacker allegedly shoved the victim, and the victim retaliated by punching him in the face, student witnesses told the New York Post.

The attacker walked off the court but returned moments later — allegedly with a weapon.

“He disappeared and came back with scissors,” said Maurice Warner, 16.”


So, we found Gilbert Arenas’ old high school I guess.

First off, who the fuck allows kids from the HS for Service and Learning and the HS for Youth and Community Development to be near each other at all? You’re begging these kids to go ape shit on each other…one school they learn how to service vending machines for a living and the other you learn how to run a shitty Boys and Girls club.

Talk about bystander effect…tryin’ to tell me that none of those kids from those schools weren’t packin’ some heat? Callin’ bullshit..some one out there had to have had some way to fuckin stop the kid.

“When he fell, I saw the blood all over the floor. I thought he was dead,” thought he was dead? No shit…

Deepest sympathy from the Upstate crew to the victim..

PS- We didn’t know that a 3 second violation led to getting stabbed.