Occupy Albany Needs To Stop


So this occupy garbage has been going on for quite sometime now. It really just needs to fucking stop. But this shit in Albany seriously needs to stop. Now its becoming a federal court case… god almighty. That guy is definitely not a lawyer… its some schmuck from occupy albany dressed up like a 1%’er… you cant fool me! If they were smart, they would join the big rigs in occupy wall street and form some monster force than would still only have a 99% chance of still not working. All these groups have their own little circle jerks all over the US. I don’t know why they don’t just all meet up and do one massive thing and do what ever the hell they do in one spot. Then I might have some respect for them, not really, but all these shitty little occupy things are so fucking annoying. Send them to Kentucky.

Anyways, I hope more people get pepper sprayed in Albany tonight, no pain no gain.


Hahahaha… He Made A WNBA Lesbian Joke.

“A local sports talk radio show host apologized on the air Wednesday for anti-gay remarks he made while discussing women’s professional basketball.

Bruce Jacobs of WTMM (104.5 FM) called two WNBA teams the “Los Angeles Lesbians” and the “Phoenix Dyke-ury” during Tuesday’s broadcast. The teams are actually named the Los Angeles Sparks and Phoenix Mercury.

“My comments yesterday were ridiculous, stupid and amateurish,” Jacobs said Wednesday during a 10-minute apology. “I apologize for even uttering the comments, whether you heard them or not, whether you were offended or not.”

A Facebook page created to “Get ESPN Radio’s Bruce Jacobs OFF of the Air for Gay Slurs” had received more than 50 likes by Wednesday night.

Jacobs said in a phone interview he didn’t think he should be fired.” (TU)

“My names Bruce.” “Hiiiiiii Bruce”

Congrats man, you made a joke about something everyone and their grandma can make a joke about. WNBA jokes are like making jewish or black people jokes. There’s so many out there and anyone can make them. Wait……… Dyke-ury? That is what you came up with to replace Mercury? Your kidding me right… taking back what I said before about everyone and their grandma can make a WNBA joke… that was fucking horrendus! Holy shit… thats like missing a wide open lay-up (better WNBA joke) Bruce my friend… do less, do less!

My biggest problem with this is why they hell are you talking about the WNBA… You have a SPORTS talk radio show and you are filling it up with non-sports let alone shitty non-sports jokes. Listen, Im not here to tell you how to do your job or get listeners or anything… but you might have a better career talking about some NFL, maybe the NBA coming up, College Basketball? Ya know something that people would care to listen to. So you should be very sorry… just for a different reason.

No Way This Happened In Clifton Park

“CLIFTON PARK — A Fulton County man stabbed another man in his stomach Saturday night during an argument outside a rock concert at Northern Lights, State Police said.

Daniel P. Taylor was arrested shortly after police received a call at 9:15 p.m. for a fight outside the live music venue.

Taylor, 28, of Caroga Lake and a 40-year-old Schenectady man were arguing in the Northern Lights parking lot and began fighting, police said. Taylor then allegedly stabbed the victim in the abdomen.

Police first found the victim at a Cumberland Farms near Northern Lights and found Taylor nearby as well.” (Times Union)

Yeah I know I’m kinda late to the dance on this one… just too good to pass up. I’m not gonna even try to make fun of this guy, he just sent Clifton Park’s street cred through the roof with this shit. I’m not entirely sure I believe this story, did the TU just make this up as some kind of joke? This is the most violent thing to happen in Clifton Park since god knows when. Can’t believe Cumbys made a cameo in this story, picture and everything. Wow, this is when you know you’ve made it big time. Just stabbings that Albany Schenectady and Troy could only dream about. All I can say is thank you Daniel, you’ve made us proud residents.

PS- if you google image “daniel taylor” the one related search is “taylor lautner.” are they the same person… or is this just some funny werewolf joke? fucking google.

I Guess They Let Anyone Into Wal-Mart These Days…

“EAST GREENBUSH — Police are working to identify a white male who is accused of forcibly touching a female shopper in Wal-Mart.

The man trailed the woman into a part of the store on Troy Road and initiated physical contact at about 7:30 a.m. Thursday, police said. He then followed the unsuspecting woman and committed the act again, more aggressively, which caused the woman to flee, police said.

East Greenbush police are trying to locate the suspect, who was caught on surveillance tape. He is described as 25-to 35-years-old and about six feet tall. At the time of the incident, the man was wearing a dark sweatshirt with lettering and a hood, baggy gray sweat pants and dark shoes. He is believed to be driving a dark-colored Ford or Chevy extended cab pickup truck with a yellow snow plow, police said.”

Wow, total class act on our hands here. Totally overdressed to be walking around Wal-Mart in his black tricked out sweatshirt and baggy gray pants with hiking boots. And he drives a Ford/Chevy with  the snowplow attachment?? This is exactly why you can’t judge a book by its cover folks. No way do I think this dude is out for a quick grope sesh at 7 am. NO FUCKIN WAY! Can’t really make out what the cool blue decal is  on his sweatshirt, but it doesn’t look like some dude who is trying to get his plums off at 7 am in Wal-Mart. I would have totally been caught off guard if he approached me. Call me crazy, but I would have expected a lot more from this kind of guy!

If you see him, you know who to call… 1-800-REALITY. 

Harry & Marv, The Pride of Knox

Broderick Murphy

Vincent Frasier

“KNOX — Sheriff’s deputies said they arrested two men after they took a woman’s minivan for a ride, crashed it into a ditch and later got into a fight over whose fault the incident was — resulting in one man striking the other with firewood.

Broderick J.P. Murphy, 21, and Vincent S. Frasier, 42, offered to fix a flat tire on the woman’s 2001 Chrysler Voyager with Frasier’s air compressor Friday when Frasier came to the woman’s door and told her that Murphy crashed the car into a ditch on Dutch Settlement Road near Rickard Hill Road.

The woman asked Frasier why they took the minivan off the property at 2228 Helderberg Trail, and police said he told her he was showing Murphy how to drive. Neither man has a license and Frasier’s driving privileges have been revoked, the sheriff’s office said.

Police charged the men with third-degree unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and traffic violations. They were issued appearance tickets for Jan. 4 at Knox Town Court.

The men were arguing about whose fault it was that they were arrested. Frasier took a piece of firewood and struck Murphy in the head, causing a gash, deputies said. Frasier allegedly took a second piece of wood and threw it at Murphy’s head.

Murphy was treated at the scene for a cut on the head and possible broken fingers from trying to defend himself, deputies said. He was taken to Albany Medical Center for treatment.

Doesn’t get much better than this huh? Harry and Marv stealing an ’01 Mini Van and bashing each other over the head with firewood. I guess that’s how Knox Rolls.

Why the hell are you joy riding a 2001 Voyager? I can’t think of a shittier car to drive. But I mean I guess you gotta start somewhere. Can’t blame Broderick  for trying to get a head start behind the wheel at age 21. He’s probably just trying to be that kid who could drive before everyone else. You don’t start driving in north bumfuck til your at least 30 right? What a better way to impress the “ladies” than rolling up in a rusty ass Voyager with out a license. Doesn’t get more BA than that.

As for the fight… gotta give the edge to Frasier on this one, not only because of the name but just look at the picture. Twice the age = Twice the strength. He got old man strength. Murphy just looks like  your typical fat non-agile fuck while Frasier’s got the whole ‘long hair don’t care’ approach + nose ring = death recipe. Wouldn’t go within 100 ft. of that guy or his firewood. Just asking to get your brains beat in. Murphy is lucky as hell to just have some broken fingers.

Keep it classy Knox.

PS- Broderick? Really… BRO-DERICK??

Saratoga Just Breeds Talent

Ripped Jeans… Check

Short sleeve white button down with graphics on back… Check

Original New Balance Trainers… Check

Swag for days… Check

I was always jealous of Saratoga kids, they’re just the complete package. I mean what doesn’t this Dancin’ Danny have going for him right now? Breaking it down like the rest of upstate scrubs can only dream about while the rest of the school is circled around drooling. Just killing to MJ in the courtyard. This is why everyone else needs to get on Toga’s level, they’ve been doing it right and they’ve been doing it right for years. The two chicks at the end are trying to get all up in him but the show just doesn’t stop. Kid just pushing on and doesn’t miss a fucking beat. I mean this kid is probably my age and hes years ahead of where ill ever be with these moves. Best performance Upstate has seen in years… Encore! Can’t wait for SpringFest ’12!

PS- Second place goes to the girl in the white shirt at 3:55 … It’s the new Bernie.