Hahahaha… He Made A WNBA Lesbian Joke.

“A local sports talk radio show host apologized on the air Wednesday for anti-gay remarks he made while discussing women’s professional basketball.

Bruce Jacobs of WTMM (104.5 FM) called two WNBA teams the “Los Angeles Lesbians” and the “Phoenix Dyke-ury” during Tuesday’s broadcast. The teams are actually named the Los Angeles Sparks and Phoenix Mercury.

“My comments yesterday were ridiculous, stupid and amateurish,” Jacobs said Wednesday during a 10-minute apology. “I apologize for even uttering the comments, whether you heard them or not, whether you were offended or not.”

A Facebook page created to “Get ESPN Radio’s Bruce Jacobs OFF of the Air for Gay Slurs” had received more than 50 likes by Wednesday night.

Jacobs said in a phone interview he didn’t think he should be fired.” (TU)

“My names Bruce.” “Hiiiiiii Bruce”

Congrats man, you made a joke about something everyone and their grandma can make a joke about. WNBA jokes are like making jewish or black people jokes. There’s so many out there and anyone can make them. Wait……… Dyke-ury? That is what you came up with to replace Mercury? Your kidding me right… taking back what I said before about everyone and their grandma can make a WNBA joke… that was fucking horrendus! Holy shit… thats like missing a wide open lay-up (better WNBA joke) Bruce my friend… do less, do less!

My biggest problem with this is why they hell are you talking about the WNBA… You have a SPORTS talk radio show and you are filling it up with non-sports let alone shitty non-sports jokes. Listen, Im not here to tell you how to do your job or get listeners or anything… but you might have a better career talking about some NFL, maybe the NBA coming up, College Basketball? Ya know something that people would care to listen to. So you should be very sorry… just for a different reason.


Jennifer Aniston Voted Hottest Woman of ALL TIME

Jennifer Aniston beat every single famous lady (past and present) out there in a recent MensHealth.com poll, which anointed her the Hottest Woman of All Time.

At the very top of the list of 100 ladies, the 42-year-old Horrible Bosses star bested Raquel Welch (#2), Marilyn Monroe (#3), Britney Spears (#4) and Madonna (#5). Angelina Jolie — love to Aniston’s ex-husband Brad Pitt — landed at number 10.

I’m not even going to make fun of this result because there was clearly a huge mix up with the voting. I’m not saying I wouldn’t fuck Jennifer Aniston as hard as the next guy, I’m simply stating that voting John Mayer’s used slampiece (with minimal chesticles) the HOTTEST WOMAN OF ALL TIME, clearly has to be the biggest mixup since mildly-retarted GWB was voted president a second time. And Raquel Welch comes in at #2?? Who the fuck is that? Whoever allowed this list to be published should be water boarded and hung by their balls. And really Madonna at number 5? She’s never been hot in her life. I mean maybe if your hammered and she starts singing you would give it to her. But as soon as the lights come on, you make like LeBron and get the fuck out of there.

inaugural post by TheGodfather at 3:40am 12/10/11