Danilo Gallinari coming up clutch!

Looks like the Knicks won that trade


HBO’s 24/7 is the Best Sports Show on TV

For those of you who don’t have HBO or don’t know what this show is about, HBO basically follows the 2 teams competing in the winter classic around for a few weeks leading up to the game, showing players on and off the ice. This sounds like a decent idea, but HBO makes it outstanding. The amount of shit-talking that goes on in hockey is nuts. I love it. You’ve got the teams yelling at each other from their benches, players cursing each other out on the ice after the whistle, and the coach of the Flyers telling Steve Ott (member of the Dallas Stars) “go fuck yourself”. It doesn’t get much better than this. I thought I was an expert in swearing. I just got taken back to school by these NHL players. They know every insult in the book, and sometimes they just make shit up. Because fuck you their foreign that’s why.

We need to expand this to other sports. I would love to hear all the crazy shit Ray Lewis says to the opposing teams, or hear what Kevin Garnett is saying while his hand is around Bill Walker’s throat. Lets make this happen.

Is the Truest Thing You’ve Heard All Day?

I get so sick of people telling me that they have a friend of the opposite gender, who they think is attractive, that they have no interest in banging. I don’t care if you don’t have a shot at doing her, but at least admit that you want to (ahem mr. shirts). Also girls are always saying that they’re “friends” have no interest in them. Ok maybe thats true, and maybe Sandusky is innocent. Give me a fucking break.

Dom Mazzetti knows best

Kanye West Handles Fan Throwing Business Card On Stage Like A Real Professional

Kanye definitely didn’t over react here. I mean if someone throws the business card on stage, the most logical thing to do is to throw a whole section of people out where you think it maybe came from. Can’t take any chances. You got to be careful with throwing business cards. Kanye’s up on stage every night risking his life. Putting his life on the line. A true American hero.

Is Martains Vs. Goblins the Creepiest Music Video You’re Ever Seen?

Tyler the Creator is a weird fucking dude. Part of his appeal is that he’s comes off literally insane, eating cockroaches and shit. It seems he’s rubbing off on The Game a little bit. I’m pretty sure Game is rapping in a room with shit on the walls. Actual human shit. Weirdest part of my day so far was this video. Great song, tho Hopsin might be a little mad Game is stealing his contact idea. But is this the most fucked music video you’ve seen? Or is there something out there already I don’t know about. Let me know.

What Each NFC Team Wants For Christmas

Continuing with our holiday theme, here’s what each NFC team is hoping Christmas brings them.

NFC West

Seattle Seahawks: A quarterback. How Tavaris Jackson is a starting NFL QB escapes me. Seahawks management must’ve just gotten drunk and forgot to sign anyone competent at that position.”Oh wait Marshawn’s beast mode can’t play QB?” “Oh fuck. Well I guess Tavaris can play?” Idiots.

Arizona Cardinals: Kurt Warner to un-retire. Kevin Kolb’s decent i guess but he’s been hurt all year so their stuck with some dude named John Skelton. Seriously where do NFL teams find these people? the AFL?

St. Louis Rams: The Rams just want the season to be over so they can try to move on from how much they suck. Steven Jackson wants a trade to a real NFL team. Or at least someone to put himself out of his misery.

San Fransisco 49ers: Alex Smith to step up. The 49ers are having a great season, even with Smith playing like Ryan fucking Leaf. Time for him to live up to that number 1 overall pick. Or at least warrant a 3rd rounder.

NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Players who actually care about the outcome of the game. Josh Freeman is literally the only one trying. He’s probably ready to scream at everyone of his teammates. Not Legarrette Blount tho…he’ll fuck you up.

Atlanta Falcons: Early retirement for Drew Brees.. Matt Ryan’s a good QB but he’s no Brees. The Falcons don’t have a shot until Brees is gone from the Saints.

New Orleans Saints: A secondary. Brees has Sanduskerizing defenses all year. Which he’s had to do because the Saints secondary has literally done nothing this season. Fuck it tho, why try when you have Brees to just bail you out.

Carolina Panthers: Jon Beason. Dude goes down in the first game of the season. Anchor to their defense. Cam Newton may have improved the team a lot, but the Panthers still suck too much to overcome this.

NFC North

Green Bay Packers: A re-do on the Chiefs game. The Chiefs. Are you fucking kidding me? I didn’t even know they were still playing games this year. I thought they just forfeited the rest of their games. Way to blow your perfect season.

Detroit Lions: Ndamukong Suh to chill. Stop being the dirtiest player on the face of the planet and stomping on people. Who are you trying to be Albert Haynesworth? Go back to just plain murdering quarterbacks like you’re supposed to.

Chicago Bears: Jay Cutler back. Their season pretty much went to shit after he decided he needed to get thumb surgery. The Bears weren’t ready to overcome all these injuries. Also it doesn’t help that Johnny Knox just died.

Minnesota Vikings: A refund on Donovan McNabb. Great job finding a quarterback to tutor Christian Ponder and give him time to learn the NFL game. Really fucking wonderful. Donovan please just retire so people don’t remember you like this. There’s a reason you aren’t on the Eagles anymore.

NFC East

Washington Redskins: New team name. This is literally the most racist name in all of sports. Seriously. No attempt to hide it. Karma won’t let you win bitches.

Philadelphia Eagles: A bubble for Michael Vick. This man gets pounded more times per 60 minutes than Bibi Jones. Stop getting hurt, maybe you can make the playoffs. Slide Michael. Fucking slide.

New York Giants: A new coach. This is the most inconsistent team in the NFL right now. Huge win over Dallas followed up with a terrible performance against the Redskins. Even Randy Moss put in more effort than that. Giants fans still love Tiki tho.

Dallas Cowboys: For Tony Romo to lose the “gunslinger” attitude. Really I think he throws interceptions on purpose sometimes. You’re not in high school anymore Tony. You should have figured out that you can force throws into quadruple coverage. Shit you’re going to give Jerry Jones a fucking heart attack.