HBO’s 24/7 is the Best Sports Show on TV

For those of you who don’t have HBO or don’t know what this show is about, HBO basically follows the 2 teams competing in the winter classic around for a few weeks leading up to the game, showing players on and off the ice. This sounds like a decent idea, but HBO makes it outstanding. The amount of shit-talking that goes on in hockey is nuts. I love it. You’ve got the teams yelling at each other from their benches, players cursing each other out on the ice after the whistle, and the coach of the Flyers telling Steve Ott (member of the Dallas Stars) “go fuck yourself”. It doesn’t get much better than this. I thought I was an expert in swearing. I just got taken back to school by these NHL players. They know every insult in the book, and sometimes they just make shit up. Because fuck you their foreign that’s why.

We need to expand this to other sports. I would love to hear all the crazy shit Ray Lewis says to the opposing teams, or hear what Kevin Garnett is saying while his hand is around Bill Walker’s throat. Lets make this happen.


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