Occupy Albany Needs To Stop


So this occupy garbage has been going on for quite sometime now. It really just needs to fucking stop. But this shit in Albany seriously needs to stop. Now its becoming a federal court case… god almighty. That guy is definitely not a lawyer… its some schmuck from occupy albany dressed up like a 1%’er… you cant fool me! If they were smart, they would join the big rigs in occupy wall street and form some monster force than would still only have a 99% chance of still not working. All these groups have their own little circle jerks all over the US. I don’t know why they don’t just all meet up and do one massive thing and do what ever the hell they do in one spot. Then I might have some respect for them, not really, but all these shitty little occupy things are so fucking annoying. Send them to Kentucky.

Anyways, I hope more people get pepper sprayed in Albany tonight, no pain no gain.


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