This Girl Wants To Be A Dude So Bad

Give credit where credit is due. I tried so hard to rip this apart and say it ain’t true… but at the end of the day, pretty damn good girl. A solid follow up to Shit Girls Say. I kinda think by the end she enjoyed being a dude. Like the whole ball itch followed with a nice big loogy just looked so natural. No doubt in my mind she wants to be a dude after making this… who wouldn’t? Two things she’s completely fucked up though…

1. If the hat and shirt are supposed to add to the whole dude thing… do something better than blue wind pants please. Thats such a slap in the face its not even funny, clashing so hard with the Pats blue. Is it too much to ask to throw some jeans on like a ‘shit guys say’ guy would.

2. No dude bring a book into the bathroom and reads for two hours. Its called ‘Words With Friends’ or Fruit Ninja or any other game app. Definitely taking off points there. Sorry, gotta pay attention to detail.

PS- so bug-eyed for this turkey sandwich


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