Gift Card Contest (Yes, Im Really Giving Away A Gift Card)

Yep. Your read that right. I’m giving away a giftcard to the Movies. In the season of giving, this is the absolute climax of giving.  How do you enter this contest? It’s so simple there no excuse not to. Heres the list of things you need to do to enter…

1. Read the question below and email your answer along with your name to

Yep, no discrimination here. Anyone from the President of the US to our most loyal commenter Mz. Bambi to some schmuck in India can be a winner. You can guess once per day per email address. No strings attached folks. If multiple people get it right, Ill pick the hottest girl well have a random drawing. Winner will be announced New Year’s Day.

Here’s the kicker though… The more people who come to the site and enter the contest, the bigger the gift card amount we can give away. So tell everyone you meet during the holidays where ever the hell you are to check it out (posting to Facebook and Twitter won’t hurt either………. or just make it your homepage).

Because its a movie gift card…

K. What are Mr. Shirts (me) two favorite movies?

Done. Send your answers, one per day, to Easy as that. If people suck at guessing good movies ill give clues, so check back frequently for clues.

Happy Holidays People. To: You, From: Me


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