Dude Just Needed Some Latkes And A New Menorah

NJJN Bureau Chief/Middlesex

December 7, 2011

The 52-year-old New Brunswick man arrested in a window-smashing spree at Jewish businesses and institutions in Highland Park and New Brunswick is himself Jewish.

Local Jewish leaders who knew him describe Richard Green of Bayard Street as a “troubled and mentally ill” person known to staff and students on or near the Rutgers University campus.

Green was charged with numerous counts of bias intimidation and criminal mischief by Highland Park, New Brunswick, and Rutgers University police departments resulting from the incidents, which took place Nov. 27-30.

News of the shattered windows was reported nationally, where it was referred to in some publications and blogs as “Kristallnacht in New Jersey.”

Shalom, asshole. He’s probably just pissed that he can’t celebrate Christmas and wanted to just tear up anything Jewish. Notice how it has to be pointed out that this man is “jewish himself”, like what does that mean? were we supposed to think he was a Christian or some crazy atheist that trips on Acid 8 days a week…It’s a very large emphasis that this man is Jewish, tryin’ to say somethin’ about the religion?

You know who’s jewish…

Steven Spielberg..Adam Sandler…Golda Mabovich (obviously)…and Harrison Ford’s a quarter jewish not too shabby.

and you know who’s not Jewish…

JERRY SANDUSKY…enough said there.

I’d like to see how he used biased intimidation to get charged for biased intimidation…what the fuck does that even mean? Some kinda dumbass.

PS- not hating on any religion here folks, just livin’ the dream.

Happy Hanukkah


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