What Happened With The NFL Today?

What the fuck happened? Complete chaos. The Packers lose their perfect season to the Chiefs, a team about to be deported to the CFL. The Colts win their first game with some dude named Dan Orlovsky as their quarterback. Reggie Bush ran like he’s playing for the Heisman. (Too Soon Reggie?) And this.

There was a few things that made sense however. Eli Manning quickly reminded everyone that he’s no Tom Brady. Elite quarterback? Child please. The Eagles finally played like the team Andy Reid sold his soul for. Although he still needs a translator to understand DeSean Jackson. And of course, the Bills continue to show that they are the Mets of the NFL. No matter how crazy and loyal their fans are, they will always suck.

Speaking of crazy fans…

(Final Score: Dallas 52, Buffalo 17)


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