Sam Hurd. Receiver. Drug Dealer.

Chicago Bears receiver Sam Hurd was arrested in Chicago on federal drug charges Wednesday night, and the criminal complaint against him describes Hurd as regularly dealing large amounts of drugs in Chicago.

Now would you just look at that. Who needs the NFL anyway? Why get destroyed by the likes of Ray Lewis and James Harrison when you can just go all American Gangster on the city of Chicago. Running routes and running the drug trade. Hopefully HBO reboots The Wire with him as the main character. How pissed are the Bears right now? Not about one of their teammates getting arrested. 8 catches all year for 0 touchdowns. I’m sure his big-play ability with reaaally be missed. No, they’re pissed right about now because they just lost their main supplier. No more coke for Jay Cutler. No more steroids and rabies for Urlacher. No more weed for Lovie Smith. Just another blow to the Bear’s season. Have fun watching the playoffs on TV.

PS – Anyone who tries to say Lovie Smith doesn’t smoke weed, I have 2 words for you: Rex. Grossman.


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