Chinese Wedding Vows With A Side Of Wasabi Thong

(Reuters) – Chinese police have arrested a man who hired two strippers to perform at his son’s wedding after the performance was mobbed by villagers, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

Zhang Cheng, from Xuzhou in eastern Jiangsu province, had originally wanted a band to play at the nuptials, but was then advised he could get performers whose show would have “special features,” the Global Times said.

“After watching the show, Zhang decided it would be appropriate for his son’s wedding and requested two strippers for the event,” it added. “…Barely five minutes had passed before hundreds of villagers in the conservative community were swarming to the venue, trying to catch a glimpse.”

Zhang was arrested the next day, the newspaper reported, though it did not say on what charge.

SAPWISE! This guy has to be voted dad of the century. Nowhere other than Nebraska or any foreign country are you gonna find shit like this. This is some American Pie shit, except in Eastern Jiangsu. I love how the whole village crashes in on the wedding, thinking their Will Ferrel and Owen Wilson, I wish this happened in real life.

Conservative community my ass, you know all these fuckers had a nice fat chubby on during the whole performance. You got Mr. Miyagi waxing-on and off on these sloots, and that little Asian Kid from Indiana Jones with his pants down going nuts. If this isn’t how you’re supposed to party at a Wedding, then something is wrong in our world. Who’s not down for some nice strip action after a long ass wedding ceremony that needs subtitles for even the people at the wedding, honestly how do these people understand themselves?

Zhang Cheng for dad of the Year!


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