Heavy flow, huh? This might disturb some people..

Ha, Tampons, of course. Classic, absolute classic. And some people act like women don’t use their bodies to get something they want. But of course, men try to figure out a way to one up the ladies, except its such a pussy way, that it completely cancels out the fact that the men are doing the most fucked up version of it.  Note how these people reporting this are annoying as shit too…cliche newscaster trying to be all modern and shit with their slang…who the fuck still says tipsy? That was J-kwon’s shit back in ’04. But we all know he wasn’t gettin’ his fix through his ass like some of these bros are.

She asks how a parent would be able to control this? Well dumbass, if your sons lugging around a bunch of tampons, there’s your hint…and if he is, you should reconsider keeping him in your family. Really..consuming it through your ass is kinda fuckin gay man..really fuckin gay man.

Who wants to bet 30 bucks that this cop probably takes his beer cold and up his ass too?

Jesus, people.



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