Michael Jordan’s Future Neighbors Already Annoyed They Live Near Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is currently building a 37,000-square foot home in Florida. The home is going in The Bears Club, a private golf resort built by Jack Nicklaus. Jordan hopes to move in in 2012, but residents are already complaining.

“I don’t know which is worse,” the source said. “The half-smoked cigars in the grass or that fact that he rarely plays without a posse. I’ve seen him out there with 10 people and they’re hooting and hollering. The point of living in this place is that it’s quiet. The residents are seething but there isn’t much they can do about it.”

Come on now. You live near the greatest basketball player of all time and you’re complaining?  What do you have to complain about? The noise? The cigars? You can now be on a first name basis with MJ. Imagine the conversations with your friends from now on. “Hey man, what’d you do today?” “Oh not much, just played a quick 18-holes with Michael Jordan.” Lighten up man. Don’t make him bring Scottie P over there to kick your ass. Scottie don’t give a fuck.


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