Jon Jones Is the Last Person In the World You Should Try To Pick A Fight With

Who else watched that fight last night? How intense was that shit? I’m not quite ready to say that UFC has overtaken boxing as the most entertaining way for to men to beat the shit out of each other, but its definitely getting a lot closer. If the ref doesn’t stop that fight in time, Machida dies. Not an exaggeration. Jon Jones could have walked away still holding on to his head and left the rest of Machida’s not-UFC-champion body on the ground. Hey Lyoto, still not impressed with Jon Jones? Bitch please. Go back to sleep.

And how scary would it be to find yourself on the opposite side of a fight with Jon Bones Jones? Dude’s a freak athlete. He’s like LeBron, except he knows about 45 ways to kill you. And he’s not the one choking at the end of the fight.


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