Harry & Marv, The Pride of Knox

Broderick Murphy

Vincent Frasier

“KNOX — Sheriff’s deputies said they arrested two men after they took a woman’s minivan for a ride, crashed it into a ditch and later got into a fight over whose fault the incident was — resulting in one man striking the other with firewood.

Broderick J.P. Murphy, 21, and Vincent S. Frasier, 42, offered to fix a flat tire on the woman’s 2001 Chrysler Voyager with Frasier’s air compressor Friday when Frasier came to the woman’s door and told her that Murphy crashed the car into a ditch on Dutch Settlement Road near Rickard Hill Road.

The woman asked Frasier why they took the minivan off the property at 2228 Helderberg Trail, and police said he told her he was showing Murphy how to drive. Neither man has a license and Frasier’s driving privileges have been revoked, the sheriff’s office said.

Police charged the men with third-degree unauthorized use of a motor vehicle and traffic violations. They were issued appearance tickets for Jan. 4 at Knox Town Court.

The men were arguing about whose fault it was that they were arrested. Frasier took a piece of firewood and struck Murphy in the head, causing a gash, deputies said. Frasier allegedly took a second piece of wood and threw it at Murphy’s head.

Murphy was treated at the scene for a cut on the head and possible broken fingers from trying to defend himself, deputies said. He was taken to Albany Medical Center for treatment.

Doesn’t get much better than this huh? Harry and Marv stealing an ’01 Mini Van and bashing each other over the head with firewood. I guess that’s how Knox Rolls.

Why the hell are you joy riding a 2001 Voyager? I can’t think of a shittier car to drive. But I mean I guess you gotta start somewhere. Can’t blame Broderick  for trying to get a head start behind the wheel at age 21. He’s probably just trying to be that kid who could drive before everyone else. You don’t start driving in north bumfuck til your at least 30 right? What a better way to impress the “ladies” than rolling up in a rusty ass Voyager with out a license. Doesn’t get more BA than that.

As for the fight… gotta give the edge to Frasier on this one, not only because of the name but just look at the picture. Twice the age = Twice the strength. He got old man strength. Murphy just looks like  your typical fat non-agile fuck while Frasier’s got the whole ‘long hair don’t care’ approach + nose ring = death recipe. Wouldn’t go within 100 ft. of that guy or his firewood. Just asking to get your brains beat in. Murphy is lucky as hell to just have some broken fingers.

Keep it classy Knox.

PS- Broderick? Really… BRO-DERICK??


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