Saratoga Just Breeds Talent

Ripped Jeans… Check

Short sleeve white button down with graphics on back… Check

Original New Balance Trainers… Check

Swag for days… Check

I was always jealous of Saratoga kids, they’re just the complete package. I mean what doesn’t this Dancin’ Danny have going for him right now? Breaking it down like the rest of upstate scrubs can only dream about while the rest of the school is circled around drooling. Just killing to MJ in the courtyard. This is why everyone else needs to get on Toga’s level, they’ve been doing it right and they’ve been doing it right for years. The two chicks at the end are trying to get all up in him but the show just doesn’t stop. Kid just pushing on and doesn’t miss a fucking beat. I mean this kid is probably my age and hes years ahead of where ill ever be with these moves. Best performance Upstate has seen in years… Encore! Can’t wait for SpringFest ’12!

PS- Second place goes to the girl in the white shirt at 3:55 … It’s the new Bernie.



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