Does this look like your everyday old woman that likes to snip off her husbands penis?

“69-year-old Palm Springs, Calif. woman tried to cut off her husband’s penis with scissors, police said.

Virginia Valdez was arrested Saturday on suspicion of mayhem, assault with a deadly weapon and spousal abuse, according to Palm Springs police. She was released and is due in court next month, according to The Associated Press.

The couple has been married for 32 years, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Valdez’s 62-year-old husband, whose name was not released, called police Saturday night and when officers came to his house he said his wife had tried to cut off his penis with scissors, which police say resembled poultry shears.

“They were more heavy duty than the standard office scissors,” Palm Springs Police Sgt. Kyle Stjerne told the Times.

Officers recovered the scissors and arrested Valdez. The victim was treated at a hospital for injuries and released.”

Somebody get this guy a fucking cup, or a gun, maybe a new life completely. I bet he wasn’t expecting his wife to turn in to Edward Scissorhands out of nowhere, maybe a light nut tap, but this..this is too far. Somehow this pruny old man’s girth couldn’t get cut through completely, he must have popped a Viagra and had a stiff one hard as a rock.  What can any man possibly do to deserve this kind of cruel harrasment? How are you going to attempt to cut off your husband of 32 year’s penis off? You have to be some kind of extremely psycho bitch, or he must have been banging the milf next door.

Notice how the officer points out that they were “heavy duty scissors”, this bitch wasn’t fuckin around, she wanted his cock completely removed, some kind of 127 hours shit, except instead of the arm, its a cock. This is a man’s worst nightmare, this bro now has stitches on his man hammer, that means no milf next door, no bone spanking, he’s royally fucked for a good month.

Have fun with your penisless husband lady, hope you’re in to manginas.

PS- No useful penises were injured in this report.



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