David Stern Is Playing Checkers While Everyone Else Is Playing Chess

Yes, its like a real question? Who let this guy make decisions? I wouldn’t let this dude order a snack wrap at McDonalds because chances are he’d fuck it up. He has the greatest collection of stars the NBA has seen in years and all he wants to do with it is dildo all the shitty teams owners assholes to keep them happy. No one cares about you dude. I’d rather have him sit in his office and let him eat bread to earn his check that try to get his big nose in everything. Like honestly who do you think you are just telling teams what they can and can’t do. This Chris Paul deal sounds like the fantasy football comish who realizes he just made the worst trade in the history of all trades and is now uses his “comish powers” to veto it a day later. He’s that guy, can’t stand that guy. First he tries to stop basketball, then just decides who plays where? He’s playing guess who with what teams these dudes can ship out to. Fuckin A.  “Yo Melo, Dave wants you to play with the Jazz for a couple games, see ya in a week.” Yeah great idea Dave, lets bring that shitty one-piece miro-toy ball back too while were at it. Great idea.



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