Ballston Spa Teacher Pulls a Sandusky

BALLSTON SPA — A teacher in the Ballston Spa Central School District has been charged with possession of child pornography.

Timothy Brehmer, an elementary school music teacher, was arrested earlier this week after an investigation by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Brehmer, 35, of Broadalbin, who was identified through an IP address, was arrested for his online activity, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Rick Belliss.

A laptop seized from Brehmer contained dozens of still images and videos depicting child pornography, court records show. Brehmer told authorities that he had been viewing and downloading child pornography on the Internet since 1998, records show.

He also admitted visiting numerous websites, including some based in Russia, to obtain the images and that he traded with others, according to a criminal complaint.

Brehmer appeared Thursday before U.S. Magistrate Judge David Homer. He was released pending his preliminary hearing Dec. 27.

Brehmer teaches band and general music at Wood Road and Milton Terrace North and South elementary schools, according to the district website. He also has coached the school district’s Odyssey of the Mind team.

Brehmer also is an adjunct faculty member at Schenectady County Community College and a member of the Capital Region Wind Ensemble.

The Ballston Spa school district immediately suspended him without pay. Although his activities do not appear to be related to the school, district officials asked investigators to review his personnel files as a precautionary measure, Superintendent Joseph Dragone said in a prepared statement.

“The school district is both appalled and disappointed to have been informed of these charges and we take all such charges very seriously” Dragone said. He continued: “Any teacher who engages in this type of behavior will not be employed by our district.”

Move over Sandusky, this guys been in the game since ’98. Honestly, this guy needs to go fuck himself, fucking scumbag. This IP address has been waiting to rat the bastard out just like all of the victims of Sandusky. Does it surprise you that this happened at Ballston Spa? The one school that had their own daycare, and their Baseball outfield consisted of a half-assed Mcdonalds look a like playplace. He also teaches at Schenectady Community College…come on bro, we all know that HVCC eats the shit outta that place.
This guy deserves to get his cock snipped off just like our buddy who’s wife went apeshit on him. I don’t think there’s been any point in time when this many perverts have been caught with shit like this. Fuckin’ cowards, I’m sure this guy will rot in his jail cell with Sandusky all up in him, god damn queers.

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