Goober bro trying to get his shot at the title!

This bro behind the camera is just trying to get a solid shot of this dime piece, who is basically begging people to video tape her, because she’s a… sloot (slut) . I give the dude props, but he probably could’ve been more discreet, seriously bro, they have hidden cameras and shit, you could’ve executed your whole shot with no interruption. Then everyone goes apeshit on you and you start calling them goobers? What the fuck bro, goober? couldn’t think of anything better? Aside from that these people are complete cockblocks, dirty filthy cockblocks. Like c’mon, this is what he does for a living, this is his Super Bowl, this is him as Eli Manning breaking free and somehow completing the shit to David Tyree but now you don’t let him close the drive out? This is his Rocky moment, running up the steps and these people get in the way of the still shot fist pump.

Fuck, I feel for this guy, what a damper on the day he deserved a reshoot, another shot at the title. Also, check out this dude in the bike suit. Is he some kinda dumbass? Maybe he just doesn’t respect a quality man moment taping hot chicks, maybe he’s in to dudes..yeah that’s probably it. Somebody get Lance Armstrong a fuckin’ beer, his steroids are starting to piss him off, his tights are sticking up his mangina. Go back to France Lance, this guy just wants to see some ass. This is America, this bro needs justice.



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