Muppets Accused of Communist Propoganda…? Really?

-Weird News

Dec. 8

Eric Bolling, host of Fox’s Follow the Money in the US, criticised the character of Tex Richman, the villain in the new film.”Liberal Hollywood depicting a successful businessman as evil? That’s not new…” he complained.”We’re teaching our kids class warfare. Where are we? Communist China?”Dan Gainor from the conservative Media Research Centre agreed.”This is a Muppet movie,” said Mr Gainor. “The only thing green that should be up there on that screen is Kermit the Frog.”It’s amazing how far the left will go… to manipulate your kids to convince them, to give an anti-corporate message.”Fellow Fox host Andrea Tantaros also criticised Sesame Street over a recent episode featuring a family without enough money to buy food.”We’ve got Medicaid, there’s a record number of people out there on food stamps… there’s all these kinds of programmes out there to take care of hungry kids,” she said.

Are these people fucking serious? Do they honestly think the fucking muppets are communists? Yeah, Kermit the Frog is the new Mao Zedong, and oh shit he’s managing the Great Leap Forward with Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear. Just stop, stop being fucking idiots and go back to your dildo Eric Bolling. He really thinks these 3 year old kids are thinking Communist China when they see a green frog talking about shit? No, no, just fucking no. Eric Bolling needs to take a long walk down Sesame Street and take a fucking lap. This is why I hate people sometimes,  thinking little kids are worrying about a character named Tex Richman being an evil businessman that’s persuading them to be communist assholes? No, all they’re worried about is how the fuck the characters are talking and why Kermit is banging Miss Piggy when we all know he was in love with Abby Cadabby, and how much longer they have to be forced to watch the damn show, they don’t even know how to wipe their own ass bro!

Maybe we should get our Goober cameraman to call Bolling a Goober for us. Or maybe someone can just smack him around a little bit, just fix whatever is wrong in the dudes head.

Come on man, really?



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